Why a Realtor is Important when Buying or Selling

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Why a Realtor is Important when Buying or Selling

Often times, the purchase or selling of property is a person’s largest investment.  It is important to have someone that is not only knowledgeable of the process, but can negotiate for you as well.  Today, we are going to look at 10 Reasons To Hire a Realtor by the 928 Home Guide:

Education and Experience

There’s no shame in admitting that someone else may know more about buying or selling a house than you do. Realtors have gone to school to know the ins and outs of the home buying/selling business, why not utilize their hard work? By doing so, you will ensure no detail is overlooked or forgotten.

Price Guidance

It is up to the buyer/seller to set the price they want to get/pay for property, but an agent can help guide where that price point should be. They know the percentages and average costs of homes based on the area and market prices. Again, use their knowledge to your advantage.

Agents are Buffers

Think of your agent as your junk mail folder. They will sift through the potential buyers to make sure you only deal with the ones who are really serious. If you’re looking to buy a new home, your agent can weed through the hundreds of listings to bring you to the ones that match what you’re looking for. This frees up your time to take care of other important matters.

Market Conditions Information

This is an area that will help you immediately and in the long run. Your realtor is aware of the factors that affect the real estate market. You may want to buy a home in a specific area that would be a smart move at that moment in time, but your realtor could have knowledge about coming developments and market trends that could make your purchase not worth your time or money in the future.

Neighborhood Knowledge

Maybe you have kids. We certainly don’t want little Jenny walking down the street where multiple crimes have taken place. Maybe you have a job in the city, want to live in the suburbs, and don’t want a long commute. Agents know the areas they represent and can show you homes in safe neighborhoods perfect for a family, or in a nice area that’s close to the city without all the hustle and bustle.

Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality

Realtors have no emotional ties to the home you are selling or the home you are buying. This allows them to be excellent negotiators. They are also working for you, so they are not going to disclose any confidential information to the other party.

Answer Questions after Closing

If you think that once the Closing is over its smooth sailing from there on out, you’re wrong. There are still many things that can come back to haunt you. It’s a good thing your realtor is still there for you after all the paperwork is said and done. They can help to smooth out any post-buying/selling wrinkles to keep you stress free.

Handling Volumes of Paperwork

Who likes paperwork? Well, this doesn’t matter to your agent. They are there to print out the 10+ page purchase agreement and ensure that nothing is missed or done incorrectly. They are there to explain the difficult legal jargon that fills these massive contracts so you’re not signing anything you don’t understand.

Professional Networking

Real estate agents network with professionals in other areas that you will need to utilize during the buying/selling process. Your agent can provide you with a list of recommended professionals as well as give you a background on each individual, helping you to make smart choices in the people you deal with.

Develop Relationships for Future Business

Real estate agents get their best advertisement from happy and satisfied clients. By making clients happy, they know there are possible referrals in their future, and you know you have a good realtor to use the next time you enter the real estate market.

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